Signature solbriller - Champagne

Salgspris399,00 kr
Salgspris399,00 kr


💦 Tåler sved, vand og parfume
👌 Smitter ikke af eller taber farven
😊 100% Nikkelfri og allergivenlig


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Our Signature sunglasses is exclusively made for men: the oval shape combined with soft edges, is your guarentee for a masculine pair of sunglasses, which fits most faces no matter head size.
✓ Every pair comes with a microfiber bag
✓ Developed in close partnership with opticians
✓ The UV400 lenses gives your eyes a break in the sun
✓ Premium acetate frame, which provides durability and comfort
✓ "Northern Legacy" logo engraved inside the frame, and "Vegvisir" logo engraved on both sides on the outside frame. 

Easy maintenance and adjustment to your face
The sunglasses can easily be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you may use semi cold water and a bit of diswahing liquid to remove greasy fingerprints and sunscreen.
You can easily adjust the frame for a perfect fit: Heat up the frame with a hair dryer or place the sunglasses in the sun for a couple of minutes. This enables easy bending of the frame.
OR you may swing by your local optician and let them do the "dirty" work for you. Most opticians provide this service for free :)

Enjoy the sun!